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On-trend Nutritional Solutions

Instant Cappuccino

Our team of specialists has developed different ready-to-use solutions to answer Nutritional market requests based on clean label, reduced sugar, vitamin and mineral-enriched food trends. Have a look at the nutritional solutions we developed and download any desired product sheet. 

Healthy No-Sugar Granola Bar

Binding syrups commonly used in granola bars are often very high in sugar content. With the current trend toward sugar reduction and healthier alternatives, Carragin B-33615 bridges the gap between an ordinary granola bar and a better for you granola bar. 

√ No Sugar
√ Fiber enriched
√ Vitamin and mineral-enriched
√ Clean Label

Download No-Sugar Granola Bar Solution Sheet

Instant Protein enriched Cappuccino

 This instant protein-enriched cappuccino is a complete blend that requires only the addition of hot water. It provides a great cappuccino flavor with an excellent stable foam layer on top.

√ Protein-enriched
√ Convenient
√ Stable foam

Download Protein-enriched Cappuccino Solution Sheet

Protein and Fiber-enriched Lemonade

 Our Functional Lemonade is fresh, flavorful, has an appealing mouthfeel and on top of that has been developed using both protein and fiber. Consuming 330ml of this beverage will help deliver your recommended daily levels of protein and fiber.

√ Fiber enriched
√ Protein enriched
√ Easy to digest

Download Functional Lemonade Solution Sheet