Food services

Our appetite to innovate

Developing a clean label smoothie, a vegan plant-based burger or an indulgent low-calorie ice-cream becomes easy when you work with Caldic. We have the appetite to help you develop the right formulation for your products and can tailor our innovative solutions to your specific requirements.

Application & formulation

For savory, bakery, nutrition, dairy, confectionary, beverages, brewing or animal nutrition our local teams of skilled food technologists and application experts invite you to co-create products at our state-of-the-art facilities. Our extensive network of in-house technical laboratories and culinary kitchens, combined with our access to a wide array of high-quality ingredients and our in-depth application expertise and market understanding enable us to inspire solutions for sustainable and innovative food and beverages around the world, supporting you from idea to production.

Production & packaging

Our extensive range of production services provide tailored solutions that deliver efficiency, quality, and a guaranteed supply. Specifically for customized blends - based on dry or liquid raw material - our manufacturing facilities offer possibilities to produce functional blends, bakery concentrates, nutritional blends and beyond. Besides mixing we also offer grinding services to meet exact requirements. Dry mixes can be packaged in a range of formats to address differing needs. 

Blending Services

In our state-of-the-art facilities our experts can develop powdered blends to meet a wide range of textures and flavors, as well as liquid blends that provide better dispersion, solubilization, and texture in food products, ultimately helping enhance their functionality and synergistic effects.

Distribution & warehousing

As part of our supply chain services, we provide flexible, responsive, and cost-effective delivery solutions ensuring our products are delivered on time, every time! Our strategically located warehouse facilities provide solutions for the most complex delivery and warehousing challenges, securing reliable logistics support globally. Because we care, working with mostly third-party transport operators helps to reduce our carbon footprint, thus enabling faster delivery, less travel and a greener environment.

Quality & safety

Our facilities across the regions have been accredited with quality certificates like GFSI level 2, ISO 9001, HACCP, Kosher and organic. Our QHSE and local teams ensure regulatory and safety compliance. Furthermore, all facilities are equipped with a full warehouse management system and integrated within our ERP system.  

Global network

With our global network of world-class suppliers, we can source the best specialty food ingredients from all around the world.