Industrial functionalities

Petrochemical refining, surface treatment and more

Oil, Gas & Water treatment  

Regardless of the application you’re working on in the oil, gas and water treatment industry, whether it is chemical refining, gas processing, compressed air drying or purification, our extensive portfolio of products enables your processing to operate smoothly and efficiently. The instant availability of raw materials in our stock in combination with timely shipping, allows the production at your end to be a continuous flow without unnecessary interruptions.

In collaboration with our global supply partners, we stock a wide range of adsorbents, catalysts and process chemicals which allows us to deliver the exact quantities at the exact time, when the raw materials are required at your site, ensuring the timeslot is aligned with your production planning.  

Surface treatments 

For any surface treatment you envisage, whether you’re looking to improve the resistance to corrosion or wear, or to enhance the decorative properties to upgrade the appearance, our extensive range of specialty chemicals will help you treat any surface effectively and efficiently.

Whether the focus of your process lies on removal, scraping, plating, melting or adding a layer, our acids and solvents to clean and degrease, and physical abrasives such as corundum or silicon carbide, or chemicals used for electrodeposition and galvanic treatments will help you resolve your surface challenge. 


Our solvents portfolio encompasses a wide selection of products, varying from petroleum-based solvents as well as bio-based solvents. The range also features our innovative Calstar brand, a gas-to-liquid technology (GTL) solution for exceptional high purity. This advanced fluid technology converts natural gas into high-quality liquid products. Natural gas is an abundant, versatile and affordable source. Moreover, it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel around in field.