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Value-add services 

Discover how our range of value-add services can deliver the inspiring solutions you need to efficiently and safely get your products to market.

"Services ranging from cGMP clean room filling to sampling, and from customized solutions to risk mitigation, are testimony of our commitment to the (bio)pharma industry."

cGMP Clean room filling  

Our dedicated pharma facilities are equipped with highly advanced cGMP cleanroom systems for the repacking of raw materials. These cleanrooms provide well controlled environments where pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, and aerosol particles are filtered out securing the cleanest air quality possible to avoid any impurities during repacking. With conditions which are comparable to an operating theatre for surgery, the high cleanliness standards avoid potential contaminations and secure the highest possible quality standard of raw material. 

cGMP Warehousing 

The storage of raw materials under the best possible and stable conditions before being shipped to biopharma customers is key to their success. For both temperature and UV light sensitive raw materials, our cGMP certified warehouses guarantee the professional management of constant warehousing temperatures – an imperative for products destined for the biopharma industry. These conditions minimize the risk that either exposure to UV light or oxygen can adversely affect the materials resulting in deterioration or development of impurities.  

cGMP Sampling services   

The cleanroom facilities in our dedicated pharma facilities enable us to provide our customers with pharmaceutical product samples prepared under cGMP certified cleanroom conditions. A variety of products can be sampled in different packaging under laminar flow with Nitrogen or Argon blanketing. After sampling, the product remains in our warehouse until customer approval. When given green light, we arrange just-in-time delivery to the production site, resulting in a less complex and leaner process for customers, contributing to more efficient manufacturing. 

Tailor made solutions 

 Whether your focus is on high end formulations for medicinal cremes and lotions or a reaction solvent to support the final step in your API production, we can help out. To meet the pharmaceutical industry’s demand for raw materials tailored to specific requirements our pharma specialists can assist to find the right solution. Whether it is Isopropanol EP/USP/GMP, Ethanol EP, Aceton EP or other pharmaceutical grade solvents you need, supplied through dedicated tankers or filled in drums, IBCs, or bespoke stainless-steel IBCs filled in cGMP cleanrooms, you can rely on our expertise and added value services to help you find the optimum solution.

Global sourcing 

Our sourcing network of worldwide premium supply partners combined with our GMP certified pharma facilities enables us to provide our customers with a reliable integrated supply chain and logistics, ensuring a GMP proof supply chain. Our extensive portfolio of high-quality materials comprises excipients, APIs, intermediates, specialty solvents, processing aids and biopharma.   

Risk mitigation  

Establishing a reliable supply chain is crucial in the servicing and provisioning to the pharmaceutical industry. Our extensive network of supply partners combined with our global sourcing capabilities enables us to work together with pharmaceutical partners to carefully select the best possible source for the required materials. The ultimate solution that combines supply chain reliability with backup storage in our facilities. 

Regulatory support

More stringent policy regulation and standards as well as ever evolving health care demands are important topics that the pharmaceutical industry needs to comply with in terms of products and production. Our technical experts are keen to assist you anytime, anywhere while leveraging our global network of GMP certified manufacturing and warehousing facilities.   

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