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Typically for moisturizers texture plays a pivotal role in delivering a specific benefit as well as feel. Our wide range of silicones, oils, esters and powders can help you create the perfect texture with excellent sensory appeal. Whether you’re looking to develop a deeply nourishing and/or light day cream packed with natural oils and nutrients, or a dense cream for night care that locks in moisture, our experts are keen to co-create the perfect texture, be it for gels, creams, lotions or beyond.


The right combination of UVB, UVA and broad spectrum filters is key to enhance the benefits of SPF products. Besides these ingredients which protect from harmful UV rays, the sensorial aspect, the product smell, shelf life and stability of the sunscreen obviously play a major role. Our technical experts are experienced in formulating to develop the right dispersibility and spreadability, delivering a smoothly textured product that meets consumer needs for ease of use and protection.


Moisturizing is an essential part of skin care. A good moisturizer not only increases the skin's water content but also encourages orderly desquamation (shedding of cells) that makes the skin appear smoother and younger-looking. Our application experts are keen to help you formulate using the key ingredients, whether that be humectants, occlusives, emollients, and topical antioxidants, to develop a skin care lotion that makes your brand shine.


Ageing skin often benefits from day or night creams with active ingredients that penetrate into the skin. Often such formulations are based on encapsulation technologies that deliver an innovative method to rejuvenate the skin cells. Our expert team will assist you in the technical challenges to ensure that your brand delivers on the consumer expectations.

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