Personal care trends

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Protection from external influences

There is a growing concern around the effects of elements that are part of our external environment. Think of the impact of UV rays and blue light from digital devices on the skin, and also the effect from dust and other harmful particles from urban pollution. Such external factors leave their mark on our skin by accelerating premature ageing and hyperpigmentation.

As a result, we’re anticipating an increase in products tailoring to these concerns. For instance, souped up SPF products, which also protect from blue light damages - high-energy visible (HEV) light, are on the rise. In collaboration with our partners, our technical experts can assist you to develop the formulation that offers the best protection.

Sustainable production

While the beauty industry is making positive strides towards eco-friendly packaging and refills, sustainable sourcing is another area of focus that comprises various aspects such as traceability, minimum production standards, workplace safety and fairer pay. Our portfolio of premium supplier partners are endorsed by certifications such as Leaping bunny, Ecocert Cosmos and Fair trade, providing you with the reassurance to support your beauty brand.

Natural plant based ingredients

Innovative ways of harvesting natural ingredients is another avenue that is being explored in the sustainability context. This food 'upcycling' trend is gaining traction; beauty brands are increasingly finding use for ingredients such as hemp, oat hull, cacao bean husk paper (post-chocolate waste) and using waste from industries like wine or olive leaves that is normally thrown away.

All together there is an increasing offering of plant and biobased base materials for use in cosmetics to cater to the growing consumer preference towards natural, organic, and herbal cosmetics to save the skin from harmful chemicals used in synthetic products. Leveraging our partners portfolio (e.g. JAKA, Imderma, Tagra and Gale&Cosm) we can help you formulate eco-friendly compositions.


The rise in the people aged 55+ is leading to a significant increase in the demand for anti-aging products. The desire to maintain youthful appearances is driving innovation in product formulas to prevent wrinkles, dry skin, dark spots, and other age-related skin care issues. Underlying/at the base of these new formulations, are the advances in skin penetration technologies that enable active ingredients to trigger renewal at cell level. Our application experts can assist you in finding the right formulation to cater to this growing consumer segment.