Trends in Pharma

Supporting go-to-market

Vaccine production  

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine production has never been more in the spotlight, and availability of supply has been a key success factor contributing to our customers’ successful speed to market, from research to commercialization. Our extensive sourcing network of global supply partners and world class cGMP facilities around the world have been instrumental in supplying the right raw material, in the right packaging and at the right time.

Our technical pharma experts are ready to assist in sourcing the right pharmaceutical products and services to advance the future portfolio of new treatments and medicines. 

Precision medication 

Innovation driver

With a worldwide aging population, chronic conditions such as cancer and CVD are on the rise. While pharmaceutical companies look to develop novel medicines to address these illnesses, there is a strong focus on targeted therapeutics, acting specifically at the genetic or cellular level to deliver a more effective and efficient treatment. This is one of the key drivers of innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry.    

Sourcing advanced intermediates 

Often such precision medicines consist of complex molecules, which require long pathways and advanced intermediates as building blocks. Our strong global sourcing network positions us well to assist customers in finding these advanced intermediates. And we go beyond, collaborating with CMOs (contract manufacturing operations), enabling us to custom produce such advanced building blocks.  

Since we take a value chain approach, we understand the advancement in this medicine development places stringent quality demands on the raw materials. Our dedicated approach ensures the highest quality standards are maintained in the manufacturing, transporting, storage & delivery of the raw materials we supply to our pharmaceutical partners. Testament of this approach are our fleet of dedicated tank trucks, repacking in state-of the-art cGMP cleanrooms, storage in cGMP compliant warehouses, laboratory analysis for quality assurance, and industry expertise.

Supply chain management 

Continuity of supply is crucial for our pharmaceutical partners and our multi-sourcing network is instrumental in helping us secure the raw materials at the highest quality levels and in quantities required, supported by audits wherever necessary. For risk mitigation, we can rely on our global backup stock and suggest secondary sources.

To further enhance supply chain efficiency our cGMP facilities are available for third party warehousing, and we are an experienced and reliable partner for vendor-managed inventory (VMI) practices. We are committed to simplifying supply chain challenges, improving efficiencies, and reducing total cost of ownership.