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Cut back on food waste by using Dadex® natural antioxidant solutions.

The United Nations estimates that each year, a third of all the food produced worldwide ends up in the bin. It has therefore set a target of halving the amount of food waste by 2030. This challenge involves many players, from farmers to end-consumers, and we all need to play our part in reducing this waste. Extending shelf life helps to reduce food waste. Therefore, we are actively taking steps to support our customers by introducing products into our sustainable portfolio that extend the shelf life of food for both human and pet consumption.


While leveraging our R&D expertise we developed the Dadex ® range of antioxidants in North America many years ago, and ever since,  we've continued to tweak and improve the formulations that are today widely recognized the leading antioxidant solutions for the food, pet food and aquaculture markets. Over time, we've expanded the comprehensive line of natural antioxidants with tocopherols, rosemary, green tea, and lecithin, among other naturally occurring antioxidants. With over 80 solutions available to solve the toughest antioxidant challenges, our teams are passionate about helping customers make the right decision, for themselves and the planet.

Isabelle Tremblay
Isabelle Tremblay
Director of Product Management, Caldic North America “The overall trend we see is a drive to achieve longer shelf life using antioxidants from natural sources. By supplying these innovative antioxidant solutions, natural microbial control systems and various preservatives, we’re able to help customers extend the shelf life of their food products, and therefore limit the amount of waste.”

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