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Caltherm® heat transfer fluids, enabling you to optimize the safety and performance of your processing installation

Pipelines on site, containing Caltherm Heat Transfer Fluids to optimize the production process

At the heart of processing installations heat transfer fluids typically circulate in the system. An ongoing circulation that support operations, ensuring that production systems consistently remain in good shape; running safely and efficiently. The selection of the best heat transfer fluid is therefore an important decision. At Caldic, we are committed to help you achieve efficient operations and with this in mind our experts have developed the Caltherm range of heat transfer fluids and supporting services that ensure an optimal performance.

Caltherm® range of cutting-edge technology thermal fluids

Caldic offers the most extensive  range of thermal fluids on the market, sourcing from the latest generation of mineral oils, synthetic oils, to silicone based oils. The excellent compatibility and seamless blending properties enable Caltherm products’ smooth incorporation in virtually any processing environment and with any alternative heat transfer fluid. While capable of handling temperatures as low as -100°C up to a high of +400°C, Caltherm solutions fulfil operational needs and simultaneously address regulatory and environmental requirements. 
The extensive Caltherm product range provides solutions for use across processing industries, varying from  pharmaceutical, food, chemical, oil & gas, etc. .

Find your application 

Whatever the set-up of your processing installation, one of Caltherm's solutions - an existing formulation or one customized to your situation - is bound to be yours. 

A unique customized solution  

Our team of technical experts equipped with long-standing experience across several industrial sectors is available for tailor made solutions to meet specific installation requirements wherever necessary. In such projects  
our technical team first determines a baseline measurement via  an objective analysis of the current heat transfer fluids with the help of an external laboratory. The outcomes of the lab analysis combined with  a site visit to assess the  installation, generate a  diagnosis which is the starting point to discuss and recommend a solution that meets your requirements - technical, safety or cost effective -  today, and in the future. 
To find out which heat transfer solution is most suitable to enhance the performance and safety of your installation, please contact your local Caltherm Specialist.