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a cross section of a dozen donuts.  There are 5 visible donuts.  Milk chocolate glazed with a darker chocolate drizzle, a lemon yellow glaze with a yellow drizzle, a chocolate covered donut topped with red, blue, green, white and yellow sprinkles, a pink glazed donaut with pink sprinkles and a chocolate glazed donut topped with nuts.

Caldic has the solution for all your shortening needs!  We are partnered with Stratas Foods to provide you with the highest quality shortenings, high stability frying oils, flakes and beads for consistent performance and reliability in a variety of applications:

Bakery - Cakes, Icing and Glazes, Fillings, Doughnuts
Savoury - Sauces, Salad Dressings, Mayonnaise Deep Frying
Confectionary - Butter Flavored Oils


  • Palm and soy varieties
  • Easy to work with over a wider temperature range
  • Smooth and creamy
  • consistent on a cube to cube basis
  • Zero grams trans-fat formula available


  • High melting point applications
  • Excellent peanut butter stabilizer
  • Available in a variety of source oils

High Stability Oil

  • Non-PHO soy
  • Excellent shortening for a wide variety of deep fat frying applications
  • Great glaze and icing retention on donuts
  • Minimum absorption

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