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Kalsec® products add value to a variety of protein sources. Are you looking to extend the shelf life of your ground meat or stabilize colour in your meat products?  Caldic is partnered with Kalsec to provide a “total solutions” approach to make your products look better, taste better and last longer.


Protect the Flavor of Pre-Cooked Chicken

Cooked poultry is a prime target for lipid oxidation that results in off-flavors and off-aromas described as “warmed-over flavor” (WOF). Flavor protection is your utmost concern in partially cooked (frozen) and pre-cooked poultry products, of both the ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat variety. Herbalox® Rosemary Extract was designed to protect flavor while imparting minimal natural flavor to cooked meat products.


Improve Color Stability in Fresh Ground Poultry

Prolonging the natural color of fresh ground poultry, especially in retail merchandising, is a key influence in the purchase decision of consumers. This can be challenging, as fresh ground poultry (turkey/chicken) meat is highly susceptible to oxidative deterioration, due to the abundance of unsaturated fatty acids in fat and lean meat.

Herbalox® natural antioxidants protect the natural meat color of fresh ground poultry, especially under High Oxygen Modified Atmosphere Packaging (HiOX-MAP, 80% oxygen) conditions.


Seafood Protection from Processing Stress.

Due to the amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids found in seafood, stabilization of these products can be a significant challenge. Under various conditions, Kalsec® antioxidants have demonstrated improved shelf life in a variety of seafood, including minced and fillets as well as frozen products. Kalsec® Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems protect seafood against many of the processing stresses placed on these products.


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