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Decacer Maple

A maple pie embellished with maple leaf shaped crust pieces around the perimeter of the pie.

All Decacer maple products are made from 100% pure Canadian maple syrup.  Decacer maple products are outstanding in delicacy, purity, and authenticity and all products are subject to the strictest quality control standards.  

Maple can be used as a partial or full replacement to your current sweetener in many applications:

Bakery – Sweet Breads and Buns, Glazes, Icings and Fillings, Cakes and Cookies, Pies and Tarts
Dairy – Ice Cream, Yogurt, Coffee Creamers
Confectionary – Soft Centered Truffles and Chocolates, Candy and Fudge
Savoury – Soups and Sauces
Nutrition – Bars and Beverages

Decacer Maple Products


Colour: 75 – 100%
Flavour: Delicate and mild
Produced at the beginning of the season, golden maple syrup has a mild taste with delicate and subtle aromas of flowers, vanilla, nuts and fruit.

Colour: 50 – 74.9%
Flavour: Balanced
Perfectly balanced, amber maple syrup demonstrates the sweet aromas of caramel and maple with a touch of vanilla.

Colour: 25 – 49.9%
Flavour: Rich and stronger than amber or golden
Rich and complex, dark maple syrup offers a stronger flavour of maple, butterscotch and maple taffy and the aroma of brown coffee. It can leave a slightly bitter aftertaste, however, not as strong as the very dark syrup.

Very Dark
Colour: 0 – 24.9%
Flavour: Strong
Produced at the end of the season, the very dark syrup has the strongest taste. It shows hints of black coffee, chocolate, toasted bread, walnuts and molasses.

Sugar and Flakes

Decacer maple flakes and sugar are made from pure, premium-quality maple syrup. Our innovative dehydration process ensures uniform, dry products that never harden.

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