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Food industry processes typically involve large temperature variations across different production stages. In many industrial-scale installations, thermal energy generated by boilers is conveyed by heat transfer fluids, which must therefore stand up to high temperatures, before being delivered to the system.


Historically, steam has been the classic vector used in many food industry processes, as it's known for compatibility and non-hazardousness in case of accidental contact. However, this liquid can represent a potential hazard due to the high pressure at high temperatures.


Caltherm has specifically developed heat transfer fluids for the food industry that can serve as a great alternative. Caltherm offers a product range of synthetic or silicone-based anhydrous fluids that ensure excellent system performance at temperatures ranging from -100 °C to 300 °C. This innovative solution has viscosities that can be tailored to any type of process.

Product Portfolio

Explore our specialized selection of thermal fluids, designed to deliver efficient performance and reliability for your industry's specific needs.

Caltherm CXPFG                                                  

• Non-hazardous / Non-toxic
• No odor under normal conditions of use.
• No damage for the seal
• NSF certified

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Caltherm S10350 FG                                           

• Good thermal stability
• Inert
• Non-toxic
• Very high flash point

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Caltherm SY2FC

• High resistance to oxidation
• Low viscosity for easy starting at low temperatures
• Excellent pumpability
• NSF Certified

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Case study in Food Processing

A longtime Caltherm food ingredients customer was satisfactorily using a Caltherm mineral oil in their production processes. At the beginning of 2020, this customer decided to build a brand-new, innovative installation alongside their original food plant. Due to updated regulatory requirements, this new installation had to operate with a heat transfer fluid flashpoint of 260 °C, which is significantly higher than the flashpoint of 220 °C which was used in the former process.

The food plant technician contacted the Caltherm experts and asked that they determine the specific installation requirements that would ensure excellent system performances, while addressing both the updated regulatory requirements and environmental concerns. The Caltherm technical experts, using their longstanding experience, recommended the Caltherm S 10350, NSF registered, product with a flash-point at 320 °C.

Building further on a strong partnership with the customer and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in charge of the new installation, the Caltherm experts were able to help drive the efficiency and safety of the customer’s new future-proof food plant. We were able to successfully deliver a solution that balanced safety requirements with environmental and economic considerations.

Services we provide

Caltherm offers a wide range of comprehensive services to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of heat transfer fluids.

These services include a diagnostic analysis kit to collect fluid samples, engineering solutions tailored to specific project requirements, on-site assistance during installation, research and development for innovative non-toxic thermal fluids, and cleaning solutions to maintain optimal fluid quality.

With nearly 20 countries of presence, Caldic can offer speed and reliability in the supply chain, while their local representatives work with customers to optimize costs and develop customized packaging.

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