Caltherm SY2FC

Caltherm SY2FC represents the forefront of synthetic heat transfer fluids, meeting the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical, chemical synthesis, and food processing industries. This next-generation fluid is NSF H1 certified under the number 163152, ensuring compliance with industry standards for safety and quality. Caltherm SY2FC is formulated for use in closed circuit systems operating between -40°C to 300°C.


• Ideal for temperature control within storage bins where precise thermal management is crucial.

• Serves as a heat exchanger for both hot and cold loops in a variety of industrial sectors.


• Delivers efficient thermal transfer necessary for diverse industrial processes.

• Maintains very good thermal stability for reliable operation.

• Exhibits a high resistance to oxidation, enhancing fluid longevity.

• Features very low viscosity, allowing for smooth start-up and operation in colder conditions.

• Provides excellent pumpability for operational effectiveness.

• Offers low toxicity and low odor, making it a safer choice for workers and the environment.

• Comes with NSF certification, underscoring its quality and safety standards.


Caltherm SY2FC.

Caltherm SY2FC: Expanded Applications

Discover the expanded versatility of Caltherm SY2FC as delving into its wide-ranging applications across various industry sectors

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Chemical Processing

Caltherm’s high-tech thermal fluids ensure precise temperature control during synthesis reactions that generate exothermic or endothermic phenomena.

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Food processing header.
Food Processing

Food industry processes typically involve large temperature variations across different production stages, Caltherm has specifically developed heat transfer fluids for the food industry that can serve as a great alternative.

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Header Oil and Gas.
Oil and Gas

Caltherm's synthetic thermal fluids excel in oil and gas production, ensuring peak efficiency from -50°C to 400°C, meeting crucial viscosity and flashpoint standards for optimal water removal.

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Pharmaceutical Processing

Caltherm's thermal fluids cater to pharmaceutical needs with options for extreme temperatures, versatile ranges from -50 °C to 300 °C, and specialized fluids for open circuits up to 195°C, all featuring superior oxidation resistance and low toxicity.

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Header Plastic and Rubber.
Plastic and Rubber

Caltherm thermal fluids enhance mold thermal regulation in plastic/rubber industries, ensuring quality, efficiency, and material savings, with advanced compounds for safety and optimal circulation in various mold designs.

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