Caltherm CXPFG

Caltherm CXPF FG is a paraffinic heat transfer fluid engineered to provide stable and efficient temperature regulation within the range of 0°C to 315°C. Specifically meeting the rigorous standards of the pharmaceutical, chemical synthesis, and food processing industries, this fluid is NSF HT1 certified (certification number 163532), ensuring it adheres to the highest safety and quality protocols.


• Optimal for temperature management in storage tanks within sectors that require precise thermal control.

• Ideal for heat exchangers operating in hot loops across various industrial environments, where consistent temperature is key.


• Ensures very good thermal transfer, which is essential for maintaining process integrity and efficiency.

• Maintains thermal stability, allowing for reliable operation across a wide range of temperatures.

• Offers resistance to oxidation, thus extending the service life of the fluid and reducing operational downtime.

• Non-toxic and non-hazardous, ensuring safety in the workplace and compliance with health regulations.

• Does not emit odors under normal usage, which is critical in food processing and other scent-sensitive environments.

• Safe for seals, preventing leaks and maintenance issues.

• Comes with NSF certification, demonstrating compliance with stringent industry standards.


Caltherm CXPFG.

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