Caltherm S10350 FG

Caltherm S 10350 FG is an anhydrous silicone-based heat transfer fluid tailored for both low and high-temperature applications within the food industry, adhering to EU and FDA food regulations. Its unique molecular structure contributes to an exceptionally long service life. The fluid is NSF HT1 certified (certification number 163533), indicating its suitability for use where food safety is paramount.


• Designed for temperature control in storage bins, crucial for food safety and quality.

• Serves as a reliable heat exchanger for hot loops in various industrial sectors, where thermal consistency is required.

• Suitable for open circuits up to 195°C, providing flexibility in temperature management.


• Delivers very good thermal transfer, aiding in the maintenance of optimal processing temperatures.

• Exhibits excellent thermal stability, ensuring reliable performance over a broad temperature spectrum.

• Inert properties make it a safe choice for use in environments where chemical reactivity is a concern.

• Non-toxic formulation ensures it is safe for use in food-related applications.

• High flash point enhances safety, especially in open systems operating at higher temperatures.


Caltherm S10350 FG.

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