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At the heart of thermal management systems, Heat Transfer Fluids (HTFs) play a pivotal role in driving efficiency and operational reliability. These specialized fluids, existing in both gaseous and liquid states, are engineered to transport thermal energy across a wide array of industrial applications.

What are Heat Transfer Fluids?

Heat transfer fluid is an engineered substance designed to excel in conveying thermal energy. Unlike traditional methods that often involve direct contact with heating elements, these fluids operate within closed-loop systems, circulating through intricate networks to absorb, transport, and release heat as needed.


In a solar thermal system that harnesesthe power of the sun or an industrial process that requires precise temperature control, heat transfer fluids act as facilitators, moving silently behind the scenes to transfer thermal energy from one point to another. Whether it's maintaining optimal temperatures in manufacturing processes or ensuring the efficient operation of HVAC systems, heat transfer fluids are the silent enablers of thermal equilibrium.


Cycle of thermal energy transfer for heating and cooling systems.

Importance of Heat Transfer Fluids

Heat transfer fluids are indispensable, they allow for a controlled and efficient transfer of heat without the need for direct flame or electricity, minimizing the risk of overheating or uneven heating. Their ability to operate at a wide range of temperatures and pressures without degrading makes them a versatile solution across various industries. Additionally, their use can lead to energy savings, as they often enable the recovery and reuse of heat, contributing to more sustainable and eco-friendly industrial processes.

Key Features of Heat Transfer Fluids

Thermal Conductivity: This intrinsic property signifies the fluid's capability to conduct heat. A higher thermal conductivity equates to more efficient heat transfer, enabling rapid and uniform temperature changes within the system.


Heat Capacity: The measure of the amount of heat required to alter the fluid's temperature by a single degree Celsius. Fluids with high heat capacity can absorb or release more heat, making them ideal for systems requiring temperature stability over an extensive range of operating conditions.

Caltherm HTFs in a glance

Caltherm heat transfer fluids in a glance

Sector Specific Solutions

Explore tailored thermal management solutions designed to meet the unique needs of specialized industries.

Caldic Chemical Industry Header Image
Chemical Processing

Caltherm’s high-tech thermal fluids ensure precise temperature control during synthesis reactions that generate exothermic or endothermic phenomena.

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Food processing header.
Food Processing

Food industry processes typically involve large temperature variations across different production stages, Caltherm has specifically developed heat transfer fluids for the food industry that can serve as a great alternative.

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Header Pharmaceutical Processing.
Freeze Dryer

Caltherm's silicone-based fluids deliver energy consistently for freeze dryers, maintaining stable properties across all temperatures, ideal for efficient and reliable drying processes.

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Header Industrial Laundry.
Industry Laundry

In the industrial laundry sector, Caltherm fluids offer long-lasting, even heating for laundry with quick start-up and non-toxic peace of mind.

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Header Oil and Gas.
Oil and Gas

Caltherm's synthetic thermal fluids excel in oil and gas production, ensuring peak efficiency from -50°C to 400°C, meeting crucial viscosity and flashpoint standards for optimal water removal.

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Pharmaceutical Processing

Caltherm's thermal fluids cater to pharmaceutical needs with options for extreme temperatures, versatile ranges from -50 °C to 300 °C, and specialized fluids for open circuits up to 195°C, all featuring superior oxidation resistance and low toxicity.

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Header Plastic and Rubber.
Plastic and Rubber

Caltherm thermal fluids enhance mold thermal regulation in plastic/rubber industries, ensuring quality, efficiency, and material savings, with advanced compounds for safety and optimal circulation in various mold designs.

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Header Solar Power.
Solar Power

The Caltherm range precisely meets technical concerns of the solar energy sector by offering heat transfer fluids resistant to temperatures of up to 400°C with maximum pressures of less than 15 bars. 

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Caltherm: your Caldic Heat Transfer Fluid Solution

Caltherm is an extensive range of high-quality thermal fluids, sourced from the latest generation fluids. Through our technical expert teams, equipped with long-standing experience across several industries and a personal, customer-centric way of working, Caltherm's offerings are well placed to meet specific installation requirements tailored to our customers’ needs.

To recommend the Caltherm solution that best addresses customer requirements - whether technical, safety, or cost-effectiveness - we start by taking stock of the situation via an on-site inspection to identify potential issues, or by analyzing the current fluid supported by an external laboratory. The outcomes of this diagnosis enable us to advise a customized Caltherm HTF solution, for today and the future.

A service-oriented and personal approach - We offer a service-oriented and personal approach to our customers. With technical expertise on installation and reactivity issues, Caltherm provides tailor-made solutions for customer’s plants and excellent after-sales care. Our alignment with all business units within the customer's company ensures seamless communication and collaboration. In addition, we support financial proposals and investments. At Caltherm, we are committed to delivering high-quality services and personalized solutions that prioritize our customers' needs.

Our unique selling points

Extensive range of high-quality thermal fluids

A broad selection that meets various operational demands, ensuring optimal thermal conductivity and stability.

Chemical fluid analysis with on-site testing for diagnostics

Real-time analytical services to assess fluid condition and provide advice on system optimization.

Tailor-made solutions for customer’s plant

Customized fluid management strategies that are developed to fit the unique specifications of each client’s system.

Over 30 years of expertise in HTF solutions

Decades of dedicated service in heat transfer fluid technology, providing a foundation of trust and expertise.

Thorough pre-cleaning of processing plants

Detailed and comprehensive cleaning protocols to ensure systems are free of contaminants before fluid integration.

Future-proofing approach, including technical and regulatory support

Proactive strategies and support systems that help clients navigate evolving technical challenges and compliance regulations.

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