Oil and Gas

Achieve distillation and refining process with Caltherm cold or warm oils

Due to the nature and characteristics of the raw materials used for their production, the gas, oil products and bitumen industries impose high requirements on the heat flow processes. Heat transfer fluids play a key role here. Taking this into account, Caltherm has developed a wide range of tailored heat transfer fluid solutions.


During the extraction, transport and storage steps, heat transfer fluids are used to regulate and maintain raw material at adequate temperatures to obtain optimal viscosities. In oil refining, heat transfer fluids also have an important function for the specific heat energy in the distillation columns used to separate chemical compounds and thus obtain the targeted oil fractions.


The same method is used for the recycling of glycols, which, once regenerated, are re-injected into the extraction process. Furthermore, thermal fluids are essential in the natural gas production sector, particularly for the water removal step, where temperature maintenance is a crusial point. These sectors traditionally use mineral oil-based fluids. Caltherm has chosen synthetic-based products to garantee optimum efficiency for operating temperatures ranging from -50°C to 400°C. Our range meets the sector's requirements regarding viscosity and flash points.


As an example, let us mention the heat transfer fluids used in bitumen storage tanks. The products used are generally highly viscous mineral oils that are difficult to pump when cold. With its expertise, the Caltherm team offers Caltherm CSP, a synthetic product that is both economical and particularly suitable for the winter period due to its low viscosity at low temperatures.

Product Portfolio

Explore our specialized selection of thermal fluids, designed to deliver efficient performance and reliability for your industry's specific needs.

Caltherm CADX10                                                    

• Very good thermal transfer
• Excellent thermal stability
• Very low viscosity for easy starting at low temperatures
• Excellent pumpability

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Caltherm CSP                                                     

• Very good thermal transfer
• Excellent thermal stability
• Excellent pumpability
• Low circuit fouling

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Caltherm SY2FC

• High resistance to oxidation
• Low viscosity for easy starting at low temperatures
• Excellent pumpability
• NSF Certified

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Services we provide

Caltherm offers a wide range of comprehensive services to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of heat transfer fluids.

These services include a diagnostic analysis kit to collect fluid samples, engineering solutions tailored to specific project requirements, on-site assistance during installation, research and development for innovative non-toxic thermal fluids, and cleaning solutions to maintain optimal fluid quality.

With nearly 20 countries of presence, Caldic can offer speed and reliability in the supply chain, while their local representatives work with customers to optimize costs and develop customized packaging.

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