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To ensure efficient heat transfer in the manufacturing process, one of our customers had been using a hydrogenated terphenyl-based heat transfer fluid for 25 years. Today, this product is highly controversial and has been singled out by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). In fact, it was evaluated as a persistent, bio accumulative and toxic product, and therefore classified as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC). Our challenge was to identify an alternative for the heat transfer fluid, in order to comply with the European guidelines while keeping the efficiency, reliability and capacity to function at temperatures as high as 340°C.


Our experts performed a full assessment following the visit to the customer’s production site and the results of the actual fluid analysis, enabling them to identify the technical and historical issues related to the process, as well as to the constraints of the installed base and the company culture. This comprehensive assessment allowed us to propose two tailor-made Caltherm® solutions based on different fluid technologies: silicone technology and synthetic technology. In agreement with the customer, the best choice appeared to be the synthetic fluid due to the current status of the technical environment.
And today? We’re happy to have a highly satisfied customer with a product that follows the ECHA recommendations, while at the same time realizing an improvement of the plant safety thanks to the higher flash point of the fluid, and the same performance at high temperatures and a long lifespan of heat transfer fluid. Additionally, the customer now benefits from a strong partnership comprising regular fluid analysis, specific knowledge of its plant and visits from local Caltherm® experts.

Eric Cousinie
Eric Cousinié
Sales Leader, Caldic France "Our comprehensive heat transfer fluid solutions combined with our technical expertise, know-how of the industrial installation and wide range of supporting products and services, enables us to help you drive your operational plant efficiency for a more sustainable future."

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