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Caldic Precipitated Silica Solutions

A close-up of sand, which is used for the production of Silica, a own-production of Caldic.

What is precipitated silica?

Precipitated silica is a synthetic, white, amorphous form of silicon dioxide. It is produced by reacting a sodium silicate solution and a mineral acid, typically sulphuric acid, or in the case of aluminium silicates, an aluminium sulphate. The reaction takes place in an aqueous solution and by altering certain parameters in the reaction (pH value, electrolyte concentration, temperature, duration, solids concentration, rate of stirring or agitation, etc), a wide range of silica/silicates can be produced, each with distinct properties, physical structures and specifications.

Main benefits of precipitated silica

The main benefits of precipitated silica are related to its dispensability in polymers, absorption capacity, and anti-caking mechanism. Due to these benefits, Precipitated silica is a key ingredient in many applications providing performance improvements. Being amorphous and not crystalline provides a safer, more cost-effective and easier to use product. 

Why choose Caldic as your Silica Solutions Partner?

Created in 2005, Caldic Link is a Joint venture between Caldic BV and a Chinese industrial partner with a world class production capacity of 20,000 MT/Year.

Through this partnership we can serve you in the best way, guaranteeing the highest product quality at the best prices. But most importantly, to provide solutions and services that add value to your business. With our broad knowledge and expertise we support you not only in selecting the best material in the most appropriate physical form according to your needs.                                               

We can also provide services like mixing, blending, repacking and Just in time delivery. 

In all operations Caldic is fully committed to the principles of Responsible Care and Quality. 

The Caldic Silica plant is certified by ISO 9002 and FAMI QS.

Usage in various applications

Caldic Silica has been designed for

  • Rubber as white reinforcement filler
  • Plastic as performance improver
  • Animal feed as carrier for active ingredients
  • Agriculture as carrier for active ingredients
  • Chemical industry as free flowing improver  

By choosing Caldic Silica you not only have a partnership with a competitive producer, but you also link with a company well positioned in the worldwide market, able to support customers with several other materials and  value-added services. 

White Reinforcing Filler for Rubber Compounding

With its characteristics Caldic Silica can partially or totally substitute other fillers like Carbon Black, where white color or transparency is needed, keeping or improving the mechanical properties.

Caldic Silica improves  the following parameters of Rubber and Elastomers

  • Modulus
  • Tensile strength
  • Tear and abrasion resistance
  • Transparency

Application in which White Reinforcing Filler for Rubber Compppunding can be used

  • Tires
  • Shoe soles
  • Hoses 
  • Cables
  • Gaskets
  • Technical goods

sneakers, tires and other rubber products in which Caldic Silica is being used

Recommended Caldic Silica grades

05P, 05GR, 05MP, 06P, 06GR

Free Flowing Additive

When using powders the speed rate is essential. They cannot slow down the entire production cycle. 
Normally lower particle size and soft powders do not flow well, so you need a media, which  can separate the particles.
Caldic Silica is an anti-caking agent that allows the use of bulk powders in a perfect way, with a dosage adapted to the needs. Normally in the range of 0,5-1,0% of dry powders.   
Caldic Silica is used not only on dry powders, but also on wet powders. It absorbs humidity, oils and general liquids, coating the original powder particles, improving its flowability, whilst preventing the formation of lumps. For wet powders the dosage depends on the liquid content (up to 3,0% and over).
Caldic Silica is used in dry-blends providing and easy-to-use free-flowing product.
Caldic Silica improves  a uniform dispersion of active ingredients.

Application in which Free Flowing Additives can be used

  • Animal Feed 
  • Agrochemicals 
  • Chemicals and Industrial Application 
  • Extinguishing powders
  • Antifoams
  • Industrial automation

eating, crop fire exthiguisher, items in which in which Caldic Silica is being used

Suggested Caldic Silica grades

05F, 05MP, 08T

Dry Liquids

Dry Liquids are mixtures of liquids supported in powder media.
Caldic Silica is an inert material able to absorb a large quantity of liquids to allow customers to use one or more active liquid materials transformed into  the most suitable solid physical form.
Caldic Silica is used to absorb viscous liquids, to transform liquids to solids and as support for active liquid ingredients.
Caldic Silica is a perfect free-flowing carrier that permits fast incorporation of active ingredients during mixing. It also facilitates transport and storage.

Silica used as free-flowing carries in Feed

  • Vitamin E
  • Choline Chloride
  • Pigments
  • Aromas
  • Milk replacers
  • Acids
  • Additives

Silica used as free-flowing carrier in Agrochemicals

  • Crop protection
  • Plant nutrition
  • Seed treatments

Silica used as free-flowing carrier in Chemical industry

  • Safe handling of hazardous liquids
  • Resins into elastomers
  • Grinding aid 

Chemical products in which Caldic Silica is being used

Suggested Caldic Silica Grades

05F, 05MP, 08T