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We are proud to learn from Lanxess to combat the rising challenge of PFAS in the UK. 

There has been a rising concern about the various forms of pollutants in water over the years. One such class of pollutants is Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS), also known as forever chemicals, which are known for their toxic properties and adverse impact on human health and development. Considering their wide-ranging use from carpet coatings to clothing – especially waterproof jackets, microwave popcorn bags, fast-food wrappers, and more – how do we ensure that a company that specializes in industrial formulations, we are able to provide solutions while ensuring a minimum impact on the environment?


Our partnership with Lanxess highlights our commitment to the environment – especially access to potable water and sanitation. When high concentrations of PFAS were found in impounded wastewater in a fire and emergency services training facility in Regional Victoria, Australia, their Lewatit ion exchange resin technology was used as a trial to remove the contaminants and meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. This was one of the most successful PFAS water treatment projects in Australia.

As Lanxess’ partners, we are able to offer this PFAS ion exchange technology, along with their full portfolio, to address the increasing problem of PFAS pollutants, in a wide variety of environments, throughout Europe and the UK.

Russell Banham
Russell Banham
Product Manager - Water Treatment • Sales We are proud to be able to learn from Lanxess’ success in Australia and partner with them to share our resources and combat the rising challenge of PFAS chemicals in the waterbodies in the UK.

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