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While governments are putting in place more stringent regulations on agriculture in order to promote a more sustainable and efficient sector, this brings along new requirements and challenges to the global agricultural industry. At the same time, with global populations on the rise, the output of the agroindustry is set to continue to grow. The combination of these factors is driving the significant potential to innovate.

At Caldic, we focus on developing products that help drive sustainability goals. This is highlighted in our offering of high-quality raw materials such as amino acids, seaweed extracts, and nitrogen inhibitors, all of which are REACH-compliant. Innovative proprietary blends, such as our Calbio brand (see below), are also part of our portfolio of customized agricultural products and solutions. In light of the synergies between natural extracts and microorganisms (Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria or PGPR and mycorrhizas), they are the perfect choice for developing novel biostimulants and biofertilizers.

Developing innovative solutions driven by nature and proven by science lies at the core of what we do for the agricultural sector, because we care about the soil, our farmers, and their livelihood: our agriculture. Our technical experts can assist you to find the best solution to your challenge.


Are you interested in boosting the yield of your crops amid saline stress and drought conditions? Calbio's biostimulant solutions are the answer for you.

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