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Fighting climate change with Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas

Water Treatment Softening Activated Carbon

There has been increasingly more focus on reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases throughout Europe since many years. A very important rising technology in this regard is the anaerobic digestion of landfill and organic waste, which creates a gas with a high methane content that we call biogas. This biogas can be converted into electricity and heat through combustion in a Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP) and is a very sustainable energy source which can help us combating global warming.

Solutions for your biogas production

The biogas market has shown tremendous growth in the last decade all over Western Europe and Caldic has specialized itself in making this biogas production process more efficient, easier to operate, more sustainable and most of all safer. Caldic can supply every chemical that one might need to successfully run a biogas unit and can provide knowledge and advice to improve your process. Some examples on typical solutions we offer are:

  • Purification of biogas by reducing its sulfur content by adsorption on an activated carbon bed
  • Controlling foam generation in the biogas digester by adding 100% biodegradable antifoam products
  • Improved separation of digestate and concentrate in a centrifuge by adding flocculants
  • Preventing unpleasant odor by supplying odor neutralizing products
  • Ammonia removal in the air washer with sulfuric acid
  • Using a FeCl3-solution as a cost effective iron source

Optimize your biogas plant

By working together with Caldic you can enjoy the benefits of a very reliable and trustworthy supplier with the technical expertise of chemists to further optimize your biogas plant. For more information on our solutions and products, please contact our biogas specialist.

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