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Expertise and formulation in silicones

Caldic launched its own brand silicones: Calsil, leveraging its capabilities for the silicone industry. After applying this to cosmetics, chemicals, construction, food processing, machinery and equipment applications, we can now say Calsil has successfully been launched into all of these different markets. We have been able to utilize our expertise to formulate cosmetic ingredients.

Starting formulas

In looking at the quickly changing, locally deviating demands of cosmetics applications, we focused on the so called ‘starting formulas’, formulas that completely fulfill crucial marketing demands from our customers and that can be utilized immediately. One example of a starting formula developed is an innovative hair repair solution.

Calsil hair repair serum

Hair-care formulators are confronted with the challenge of formulating all-in-one solutions to tackle all kinds of different hair issues, like a straw-like appearance, dryness and combined issues, especially during the summer. Delivering multiple hair care benefits in a stable and cost-effective formula is therefore a tough challenge. After a one-on-one brainstorming session to find out the exact needs and points of approval for our customer's product, a new Calsil hair repair serum showcasing unique ingredients was developed in our lab. This new starting formulation is easy to spread onto all hair surfaces (thanks to Disiloxane's low surface tension), it covers all hair surfaces and has a highly effective conditioning effect (using Dimethicone and Dimethiconol). These features make the hair easy to comb, even with split ends. Thanks to a proprietary combination of volatile products, the formula also produces deep colour effects and softness while being highly skin-compatible and odorless. The sourcing of all products combined with the complete development of this high quality ‘to-go product’ yielded a great deal of convenience and time savings to our customer.   

Calsil: making silicone simple

Calsil delivers high-performance, multi functional ingredients tailored to our personal needs with silicone and organic blends, and a complete service to simplify the formulation and production of demanding cosmetics. With this success, Calsil demonstrates the validity of its business model 'making silicone simple': when a problem occurs we leverage the right application knowledge and source and combine the right ingredients, often combining silicone with the thousands of Caldic organic bases. We then test and finally present a set of potential solutions, from which our customer selects the one that exactly resolves his challenge. 

 Calsil Silicones Solutions