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BASF Selexsorb®: Multifunctional adsorbents for trace contaminant removal from gases and liquids.

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BASF Selexsorb® is a family of promoted state-of-the art alumina adsorbents specially formulated for trace contaminant removal. These adsorbents were originally designed to meet more stringent purity requirements of Ziegler-Natta and metallocene catalysts for polyethylene and polypropylene production. Nowadays they are being used in numerous purification processes, such as removing arsine and H2S from CO2, removing COS, H2S and CS2 from C3/Chydrocarbon streams and the removal of COfrom polyethylene feedstocks.

Purification of various feedstocks

  • Gases (air, CO2, hydrogen, etc.)
  • Aliphatics (propane, butane, etc.)
  • Olefins (ethylene, propylene, etc.)
  • Feedstocks for BTX units
  • Feedstocks for alkylation units and units producing MTBE and TAME

Contaminants removed

  • CO2, H2O, NH3
  • COS, H2S, CS2
  • Arsine
  • Thiophenes
  • Mercaptans
  • Organosilicates
  • Sulfides & disulfides
  • Amines, amides, nitriles
  • Oxygenates (alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, etc.)

Different Selexsorb® adsorbents and their features 

Selexsorb AS

BASF Selexsorb® AS is a smooth, alumina-based spherical adsorbent that provides optimum adsorption capacity for arsine, phosphine and stibine due to the impregnation with a promoter. Superior adsorption capacity for arsine has been proven in side-by-side tests with numerous metal oxide based adsorbents.

Selexsorb CD

BASF Selexsorb® CD is custom-formulated to provide optimum adsorption of a number of polar compounds including: water, nitrogen-based molecules (ammonia, amines, nitriles), mercaptans, sulfides and oxygenated hydrocarbons (alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, peroxides).

Selexsorb CDX

BASF Selexsorb® CDX is a smooth, spherical adsorbent, custom formulated to provide optimum adsorption capacity for a broad range of polar organic compounds including: oxygenated hydrocarbon molecules (alcohols, glycols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, peroxides), nitrogen-based molecules (nitriles, amines, amides, pyridines) and sulfur-based molecules (mercaptans, sulfides, disulfides, thiophenes).

Selexsorb COS

BASF Selexsorb® COS is a smooth, spherical adsorbent that is predominantly used for the Selective removal of COS, CO2, H2S and CS2 from hydrocarbon streams and it has demonstrated outstanding performance in this process. 

Selexsorb COSi

BASF Selexsorb® COSi is a smooth, spherical adsorbent which shows outstanding performance (higher capacity than the COS) in selectively removing COS, CO2, H2S and CS2 from hydrocarbon streams.  

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