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Ionol Oxiris, an outstanding protector provided by Caldic France to maintain the performance and properties of products: APIs, excipients, pharmaceutical wastes or intermediate solvents.  It is a primary anti-radical antioxidant that acts by blocking free radicals: the oxidation of the molecule to be protected is stopped.
16 September 2021

Oxiris chooses Caldic as distribution partner for France and Belgium

We are delighted to announce that Caldic France and Caldic Benelux – Belgium - have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Oxiris for the representation and promotion of IONOL® and NATUROL® in France and Belgium.

Oxiris antioxidants are used in many industries, including pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, food & feed, plastics, fuels and lubricants.. 

"What a security and pleasure for Oxiris Chemicals to choose Caldic, a reliable and strong partner!", rejoices Sonia Lamas, Oxiris Global Business Development Manager. "Together, we are building an effective and long-lasting relationship to provide our customers with a professional and serious service based on excellence: excellent products, excellent service."

"We are delighted to enter into a long-term partnership with Oxiris. With this new collaboration, Caldic will expand its current portfolio of antioxidants for the pharmaceutical industry," says Laurent Pasqualini, CEO Europe of Caldic. "It is thanks to this type of high quality products that we can guarantee our pharmaceutical partners a safe end use."

About Oxiris 

Oxiris, a world leader in antioxidants, produces a wide range of phenolic antioxidants that are marketed under the globally protected brand name Ionol®. 

The primary antioxidant range is produced in Spain and distributed through the Oxiris global sales network, which offers excellence in local logistics and technical service. 

Want to know more? Need some inspiration? Contact Product Manager Guy De Boeck for Belgium and Product Manager Carole Calvo for France.

For more information on Oxiris and their products, visit their website.