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Appointment Director Digital Transformation
20 November 2018

Caldic announces appointment new Director Digital Transformation

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Floris van Eijndhoven in the new role of Director Digital Transformation. In the past three years, Mr. van Eijndhoven has successfully managed Caldic’s Industrial, Health and Personal Care markets in Europe. The appointment underlines the company’s strategy to take advantage of digital opportunities and further enhance efficiency for customers, suppliers and Caldic’s own internal business processes.

Over the past decade, Caldic has been actively working on the optimization of internal processes to improve efficiency, including the implementation of a global ERP system, Account Management software and Performance Management Systems. In terms of generating leads and creating customer intimacy, several initiatives have been initiated to seize new digital opportunities. 

To guarantee a smooth development, implementation and monitoring of Caldic’s digital transformation strategy, Floris van Eijndhoven will coordinate the existing and new digital initiatives and innovations. He will work closely together with our customers, supply partners and the Senior Executive team to identify the needs and opportunities in the market and report directly to Caldic’s Executive Board. 

As a full-service distributor that adds value, we see digitalization as a possibility to further optimize efficiency for customers, suppliers and within our own internal organization”, says CEO Olav van Caldenborgh. “With the appointment of Floris as Director Digital Transformation, we are confident about the continuation and expansion of our business in different regions.”

Over the last three years, Floris van Eijndhoven has been successfully leading the European Industrial, Health and Personal Care markets at Caldic. He is now looking forward to take on this new challenge: “Having worked in the Chemical industry for over 20 years, I have overseen how the digital landscape is changing the industry. Competing in an increasingly digital world brings opportunities for a new approach towards our business. I am confident that, together with my new team and colleagues from all our entities, we will effectively manage digital transformation to further stimulate Caldic’s growth.”