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Caldic Annual Report 2020 Accelerate
27 May 2021

Annual Report 2020: Accelerate

We are delighted to present our Annual Report 2020: Accelerate. In this report, we’ve compiled the highlights and success stories of the past year that can all be linked to this year’s theme Accelerate.

Why Accelerate?

Speed is an essential success factor in today's fast-moving world. In difficult times, we accelerate our efforts, aspiring to continually raise the bar. We explore, we decide, we act, we invest, we use our creativity to find new or alternative solutions. We draw on the resilience that helps us stay strong during challenging times. 

The onset of COVID-19 precipitated a chain reaction. We were fast to adapt mentally to the new reality, and this allowed us to quickly unlock the energy that would drive us into action. We were amazed by, and very proud of, the agility our people showed in embracing new ways of working to keep our business moving forward. The Caldic team showed that change is tough, but that those who confront it proactively can turn it to their advantage.

Besides speed and agility, the cover of this report has a festive touch, as 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of our foundation. You can read more about this -altered- celebration and other stories by downloading the full report on the right side of this page.