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10 years Caldic at Marathon Rotterdam

Rotterdam Marathon 2008 Caldic Runners
06 April 2016

10 years Caldic at Marathon Rotterdam

In spring a group of Caldic colleagues from different European companies gathers at our Head Office in Rotterdam to take part of the Rotterdam Marathon. The composition of this group is very diverse; sales managers, truckdrivers, managing directors and assistance from our Industrial companies, as well as from our Food and Technique companies join. Traditionally, when all runners finished, we close this sportive event with a homecooked dinner, served at our office on Sunday evening.

Caldic and the Rotterdam Marathon Business Relay Run

Back in 2007, 8 Caldic colleagues took part in the Business Relay Run of the Rotterdam Marathon for the first time. Each runner ran approximately 10K.
The event grows; 55 runners, 68 runners, 72 runners, 80 runners. 

Sunday 10 April 2016

This year for the 10th time Caldic takes part of the Rotterdam Marathon with 86 runners. 18 Business Relay Run teams (72 runners) 5 Duo Run team (10 runners) and last but not least 4 single runners take part.

Check the official Marathon website for more information about the route and find out where you can encourage our runners!

Rotterdam Marathon 2015 Caldic runners