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Michelle Alfonso
Michelle Alfonso General Manager

"We offer not just products and services, but our expertise, loyalty, and reliability. Partner with us and experience the difference."

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Argentino Carina
Argentina Carino Business Development Manager

"I am looking forward to share with you our diverse product portfolio that can provide practical and innovative solutions to all your industrial needs."

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Maricel Danan
Maricel Danan Account Manager

"Let me offer you our broad range of innovative construction chemicals and solutions, designed to enhance the performance and quality of your products."

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Sandra Sabondo
Personal Care and Pharma
Sandra Sabondo Account Manager

"I'd love to walk you through our tailored solutions and unique technology that will improve your company's profile to sustainability and high level of innovation.”

+63 2 942 7290
Silvia Curcio I like working at Caldic because every day is different and dynamic.
Diederik Derksen Caldic is a unique organization with lots of personal contact on all levels. In this way, we can really develop ourselves.
Jennifer Flear Being responsible for purchasing, sales and dealing with the daily administration of the filling station makes my job extremely varied.
Nicholas Veale I enjoy my role as Product Manager as it gives me the opportunity to work with many innovative products and suppliers.
Barbara Sarghat My work at Caldic is very dynamic, very diverse and very motivating.

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Our growing and diverse organization offers exciting opportunities in various locations. And because we care about your progression at Caldic, you’ll get the opportunity to develop yourself whether through our unique Sales Academy or accessing further training opportunities. Find out more about our culture, our people and latest job opportunities.

Inspiring solutions in the life science and material science markets

Because we care, we touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every day. Our products create possibilities and deliver solutions all around the world and we see every day as an opportunity to do it better.
We unlock value in the life science and material science markets by helping to drive innovation in the food, pharma, personal care and industrial formulation markets around the world. Watch this video to find out how we do this.