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Renewable Chemicals: the green alternative

From paints to nail polish remover and lipstick: we are not always aware of it, but chemicals are everywhere. They are used in many products we use on a day to day basis. Before, these chemicals were mainly made from synthetic components. However, the market for ‘green’ products is growing and the need for a sustainable alternative becomes more urgent. What if we told you a ‘green’ bio-based version of n-butanol and acetone is now available on the market?

Renewable Chemicals

Sustainability is an important metric for the industrial, health and personal care markets. The market for green, sustainable products is growing and as our fossil resources become more expensive, it is our duty to act upon this evolvement and search for alternative renewable resources. We believe that renewable ingredients are essential for the future success of our customers in these evolving sectors.

Thanks to our distribution agreement with Green Biologics Ltd, a renewable chemicals company, we expanded our portfolio with bio-based, high purity n-butanol and acetone.

N-butanol is produced through fermentation of sugars from renewable feedstocks, resulting in a high purity renewable butanol with up to 85% lower carbon emissions than alternative petroleum-based sources. This renewable chemical can be used in the global paints, coatings, adhesives and inks market.  It is also used as a solvent and as an intermediate in the production of monomers, polymeric emulsions, esters, and glycol ethers. On top of that, n-butanol is a particularly effective solvent for cellulosic lacquers and ambient-cured enamels.
Download n-butanol datasheet here

‘Green’ acetone is a high performance alternative to petroleum derived acetone and is, just like n-butanol, produced through fermentation of sugars from renewable resources. This bio-based acetone is intrinsically free of all carcinogenic aromatic impurities (such as benzene) commonly found in traditionally sourced material. It can be substituted for use in a wide variety of applications, such as paints, coatings, adhesives, inks, cosmetics, personal care, household and industrial cleaners, pharmaceuticals, research chemicals, and other specialties.
Download acetone datasheet here

A green trend that is here to stay

It is safe to say we expect the use of renewable chemicals to be the standard for the future. Maybe not on the short term, but definitely for the long term. Together with our supply partners we aim to move the global economy towards a more sustainable future.