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Purification Solutions

Caldic is the distributor in Benelux, DACH, UK and Ireland for the adsorbents made by BASF Catalysts (formerly Alcoa and Engelhard products)

Main applications where these products are used are

Drying of (compressed) air, other gases and solvents

  • Activated Alumina F-200        Td -60 °C
  • Silicagel                                   Td -60 °C
    KC-Trockenperlen N - premium beaded silicagel 
    KC-Trockenperlen WS - water stable silicagel
  • Molecular sieves                     Td -100 °C
    3 A, 4A, 5A and 13X available
    Also binderless types

Refinery applications

  • chloride trap - CL-750, CL-850 and CL-760
  • fluoride trap - HF-200 and HF-200 XP
  • Claus catalysts - DD-431, DD-831, DD-931, Ti-1100e
  • CoMo tailgas catalysts
  • BTX purification - activated clays
  • Activated carbon for amine purification
  • Bed support - ceramic, alumina (ABS) or tabular alumina (T-162)

Petrochemical applications

  • Removal of COS, CO2, H2S and CS2 - Selexsorb COS, Puristar
  • Removal of oxygenates, mercaptans, thiophenes and sulphides - Selexsorb CD and CDX, Puristar
  • Removal of arsine and phosphines - Selexsorb AS, Puristar
  • Drying of olefins - 3A Molecular sieves
  • Bed support - ceramic, alumina (ABS) or tabular alumina (T-162)

Electrical transformer units

  • silicagel with colour indicator - KC-Trockenperlen Orange Chameleon

Industrial gases

  • Deoxo or Puristar catalyst to purify


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