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Caldic (UK) Limited was founded in 1988 and we developed thanks to a sustainable business model coupled with a long-term vision. We maintain a flat organization with a minimum of bureaucracy and short lines of communication between management and our valued employees. At Caldic UK we all share a common purpose and a corporate culture. A culture that encourages creative thinking and focuses on innovative solutions, developed in partnership with our customers and suppliers.

We are looking for people who fit into this ownership culture based on entrepreneurship and integrity. People who are not afraid to demonstrate initiative and take responsibility for implementing their ideas, who value a dynamic environment and have a sense of humor. Our employees are aware of the opportunities for growth and improvement, know what doesn’t work well and why, so at Caldic UK we stimulate our people to support them in achieving their ambitions.

What we do


Working in production at Caldic means contributing to innovative solutions. For Caldic brands as well as for private label products, we develop and manufacture materials, and we control the whole process from the design of the product through to the best packaging solution for the customer.


In Caldic’s laboratories our technologists collaborate to develop innovative products. By testing, tweaking and trying – often together with our customers – we reach a solution which meets our high standards and satisfies our customers’ needs.


Crucial to our customers’ business and sometimes even referred to as “the heart of the business”. As a distributor, we make products from suppliers available to our customers, thereby helping to expand their reach and increase their revenue.


Listening, supporting, inspiring and contributing to our customers' success is what we do in Sales at Caldic. Besides serving existing customers to the best of our ability, we are always working on expanding our network in order to stimulate organic growth.


Although not directly visible to the outside world, good back office support is key to a company’s success. It covers all functions which contribute to our selling and distribution activities and ensures that business runs smoothly.


The delivery of products is a vital part of the supply chain. In the final step of the process it is vital to transport products safely and to deliver in a timely fashion in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements’

Let our employees do the talking

  • "Being responsible for purchasing, sales and dealing with the daily administration of the filling station makes my job extremely varied."
    Jennifer Flear Sales Co-ordinator
    Jennifer Flear Caldic UK
  • "I enjoy my role as Product Sales Manager as it gives lots of opportunities for interacting with customers and suppliers."
    Nicholas Veale Product Sales Manager Solvents
    Nicholas Veale Caldic UK
  • "I feel valued as a member of the team. Caldic gives great opportunities for a career development."
    Danny Spooner Transport Manager
    Danny Spooner Caldic UK