Meet our colleague - Francesco Strada

I like my job at Caldic, in particular because I love the atmosphere in our office with great connections between the people.

My name is Francesco Strada and I am a Customer Development Manager for Industrial markets. I joined Caldic Italy in this position in 2021. On a typical working day I will be actively searching, finding and providing solutions to customers that in most case include a raw materials component and additional services. Sourcing the right materials is especially challenging in these times of supply chain shortages, but we cannot end up in a situation where we have to say no to a customer. 

What’s important in my role, is to have good connections and build partnerships with people, both with colleagues as well as with our customers, prospects and others interested in our value-added products and services offer. The collaboration with my colleagues is great, our team is always connected, whether by meeting face to face, chat or phone calls. We help each other out wherever possible. So I get excellent support from my colleagues and especially from our Product Managers and my manager; the swift responses to my questions and honest feedback are very valuable for my development.

Francesco Strada
Francesco Strada
Customer Development Manager, Caldic Italy