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30 November 2018

QualiTech Inclusions Guarantee Stability, Integrity and Even Distribution Throughout Your Finished Products

NEW! Caldic has exclusive distribution for QualiTech inclusions in Canada

Looking for guaranteed stability, integrity and even distribution of inclusions throughout your finished products?

QualiTech inclusions span the spectrum from health-conscious to indulgent with endless combinations of color, flavour and texture at your fingertips:


Flavor-ettes™  deliver excitement through innovative taste and colors to applications from baked goods to fried foods to RTE Cereal – and can even carry nutritional and functional components such as omega-3s, fruit content, fiber, nutraceuticals and proteins. Available in a variety of sizes, Flavor-ettes™ can be made with real fruit or vegetable ingredients to deliver sweet or savory delight to your consumers.


Pell-ettes™ are designed to melt inside baked goods, creating a concentrated “puddle” of intense flavor and outstanding visual appeal. Pell-ettes™ are a carbohydrate-based, uniformly-sized berry alternative that can transport flavor, visual and textural appeal including fruits, jams, berries, brown sugar, syrups, icing and more


Flavor-Lites™ deliver crispy colors and flavors through grain-based crisps that provide a wholesome, cost-conscious alternative to traditional crisps and topical sprinkles. They can be used in your batter or right on top for an added crunch.


Season-ettes™ can either be encapsulated spices, minerals, and sugars or cereal-based, unflavored flakes and and granules that mimic spices and dry seasoning blends. Season-ettes™ add visual appeal without adding “heat” to the consumer experience.

Flavor Islands®

Alginate-based Flavor Islands® deliver a unique burst of flavor and soft, colorful visual appeal. Flavor Islands® retain their particle identity without melting during baking or frying. And that burst of flavor remains after baking as well! Flavor Islands® are also perfect for original ice cream specialties.


Flav-R-Grain® is a 100% natural stabilized corn germ that adds a nutritional value, a stone-ground appearance and a nutty, whole-grain flavor to multi-grain and other snacking products. Use Flav-R-Grain® in everything from multi-grain breads to rice dishes, from chips to tortillas and more.

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