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Cocoa, Coconut and Chocolate

Chocolate truffles rolled into cocoa powder, made from our raw ingredients in Bakery

Caldic offers a complete sensory range of Cocoa Powders from world class suppliers to best suit your application and functional requirements. Caldic guarantees the supply of highest quality sustainable Cocoa powders from different origins with a consistent color, taste and odor with every delivery. We have sufficient stock in place to swiftly deliver the product you need. We have the option to consolidate shipments with other products for your application to optimize your supply chain.


From white to milk and dark chocolate, Caldic can provide all sorts of chocolate solutions for different applications. Caldic is partnered with the best principals, allowing us to offer high quality standard and specialty coatings, fillings and inclusions with greater stability and a higher melt point than regular chocolate. Some examples of our solutions in cocoa and chocolate are inclusions for ice cream, truffles, energy bars, protein beverages and cookies. Apart from our chocolate and cocoa, we offer a very high quality coconut.


Our Cocoa butter is most commonly used to create smooth texture in chocolate applications and can additionally be used as a flavor and taste enhancer.
The Cocoa liquor we offer is highly qualified and of single origin from countries like Ghana and Ecuador. We can offer the classic cocoa liquor from our top suppliers, when required organic certified.

√ Tailored cocoa and chocolate solutions
√ Innovative Product Development
√ Testing and tasting in our application centers
√ Professional ingredient advice for your specific application
√ Cocoa and chocolate market insights
√ Always on-trend

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