Caldic and FrieslandCampina Professional extend long-term partnership

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Caldic and FrieslandCampina Professional extend long-term partnership to bring Kievit solutions to the Benelux

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – March 6, 2023 – Caldic is excited to announce the extension of its long-term partnership with FrieslandCampina Professional. For the past 20 years, Caldic and FrieslandCampina Professional have worked closely together to distribute both the DMV range, a wide collection of dairy protein products, and the Kievit portfolio in the Netherlands, while also distributing the DMV range in the Belgian market. This successful cooperation has resulted in an expansion of the partnership by adding the extensive Kievit range to the Belgian market as well, thereby covering the full Benelux region from April 13, 2023.

By combining Caldic’s comprehensive ingredient knowledge, R&D application expertise and cross-segment experience, together with FrieslandCampina Professionals’ world-renowned expertise and innovation, the partnership creates a powerhouse capable of providing customers with the highest quality in complete solutions. “The strength of our partnership underlines the long-term ambition and solidity of our collaboration,” says Lot Ferwerda, Product Manager Caldic Ingredients Benelux. “Besides the excellent functionality and performance of the Kievit products, FrieslandCampina Professional continues to impress us with their trend knowledge and strength in innovation.”

Kievit's market-leading spray-dried emulsions are renowned for their excellent quality and performance in delivering creamy taste and airy, firm textures in food applications. The latest micro-encapsulation technology converts oils into stable powders, preserving the functional value of the oil. The extensive Kievit portfolio of creamers, foamers, fat powders, whipping agents and cake emulsifiers enables customers to leverage the benefits in various food and beverage formulations.

“The continued partnership with FrieslandCampina Professional encourages to build on our strengths as specialty ingredients distributor and value-add R&D partner for our customers,” says Arvid Meersman, Technical Director Caldic Ingredients Benelux. “Furthermore, the additional Kievit range enables our experienced sales forces and R&D experts, to deliver added value and specialty ingredients to a broader scope of customers”.

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