Elevate your food with performance, stability and reliability

In the ever-evolving food industry, achieving true excellence demands unwavering consistency, anchored in uncompromising quality and reliability. Whether it's the perfect aeration and creaminess for toppings, fillings and ice creams or the endless foams in cappuccinos and lattes that deliver a steady taste and a silky-smooth mouthfeel - creating lasting indulgent experiences remains key.

Discover the capabilities of FrieslandCampina Professional Kievit spray-dried emulsions

Crafted for unparalleled quality, stability and consistency, these market-leading ingredients elevate your recipes delighting your consumers with exceptional taste experiences. Suitable for both plant-based and dairy-based formulations, they cater to various food and beverage applications, ensuring convenience in production and precise end-product performance. In addition, the Kievit range is also convenient in production by encountering unparalleled fluidity and solubility in your production line, making it equally well-suited for repackaging and vending machine applications.

Tailored solutions and technical support with Caldic

Caldic goes beyond being a supplier. This means that partnering with us will not only gives you access to specialty ingredients but also innovative solutions and expert research and development support. Our state-of-the-art food laboratory and experienced food technologists will refine and elevate your recipes to perfection. Whether you're creating new products or enhancing existing favorites, we'll deliver the taste your customers crave.


Let's collaborate

Let's collaborate on a culinary journey to craft delights that tantalize all taste buds. Reach out to our expert team or download the Kievit product brochure to explore how our spray-dried emulsions can meet your needs.

Kievit sprayed-dried emulsions into play

Caldic icons 2022 Delivering ultimate creaminess and richness.
Delivering ultimate creaminess and richness

Caldic icons 2022 Solid performance of foam cream and texture.
Solid performance of foam cream and texture

Caldic icons Convenience in production with ensured flowability.
Convenience in production with ensured flowability

Caldic icons 2022 Excellent quality and consistency.
Excellent quality and consistency

“The Kievit spray-dried emulsions create great creaminess, aeration and texture. FrieslandCampina Professional supplies unmatched quality; the emulsions are super stable, reliable and provide convenience when it comes shelf life, flowability and no dusting. This means that Caldic offers a complete portfolio of creamers, foamers, fat powders and whipping agents, and technologists to support (your R&D) with recipe optimization and even tailored all-in-one solutions to help reduce complexity.”

Lot Ferwerda picture.

Lot Ferwerda

Product Manager