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Slices of cream cheese topped with bits of apricot pieces.

Caldic offers a variety of texturants from world class suppliers to suit your dairy requirements.  We provide hydrocolloids, blended gum systems, starches, dextrins and specialty texturants to control ice crystallization, help texture, aeration and mouthfeel and replace gelatin in your dairy applications.

TIC Gums

TIC Gums can be used to improve body and mouthfeel, control ice crystal formation, or replace less label friendly ingredients.
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Create dairy products that deliver a superior, indulgent eating experience. Differentiate your products with most-desired nutritional benefits. And develop products with simple, recognizable ingredients on the label—all more affordably than ever before.

With our formulation expertise, broad range of capabilities and portfolio of innovative ingredients, you can capitalize on the trends and get to market quickly with the products your consumers truly want.
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Kerry ingredients can improve texture, aeration, mouthfeel, emulsion stability and even replace some of the fat in a variety of dairy applications. 
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PGP International, Inc.

PGP International, Inc. offers a selection of rice protein crisps which are manufactured using advanced extrusion technologies.
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