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Bread dough rising in two stainless steel bread tins.

Enzymes are natural proteins that act as catalysts for biochemical reactions, providing a wide range of quality improvements in baked goods. Caldic’s family of baking enzymes enables you to produce a better product, naturally, more efficiently and consistently - with the characteristics consumers expect like a good crumb structure and consistent appearance.


Caldic makes its own proprietary enzyme systems for gluten reduction, shelf life extension and stability.
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Kerry offers 50 years of enzyme expertise through the fermentation of proprietary yeast, bacterial or fungal strains.  Caldic’s portfolio of specialty enzymes from Kerry is perfect for use in baked goods.  
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Transglutaminase Enzymes

These enzymes have been designed to improve dough elasticity, volume and texture in baked goods. This product also helps to improve flour with low gluten content.


Enzyme Systems we provide