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Luscious carrot cupcake topped with vanilla frosting and multi-coloured sprinkles.  There is one orange and 3 blue smarties on the left side and a bowl of multi-coloured sprinkles to the right of the cupcake.

Emulsifiers provide improved texture, oil stabilization, aeration, tolerance and enhance freshness.  They also have de-foaming capabilities and provide other critical functions in your bakery applications.

  • Breads and Rolls
  • Tortillas and Flat Breads
  • Cakes, Muffins, Cookies and Donuts
  • Icings, Crème Fillings and Whipped Toppings
  • Bread Improvers
  • Cake mixes

Caldic is partnered with Kerry to provide you with world-class emulsifiers and the knowledge and expertise to make sure you get the right emulsifier for all of your bakery requirements! 
Read more about Kerry emulsifiers and solutions.

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