Biostimulants for you

With CALBIO, our range of biostimulant solutions, you can boost yield and ensure crops are healthy and bountiful. 

Our longstanding experience in providing solutions in the agricultural market has made us keenly aware that because plants do not grow in isolation but within a complex ecosystem interacting with multiple organisms that influence their growth. The factors inside this ecosystem can be modified to improve and enhance plant growth. Therefore, our extensive agriculture portfolio now includes our very own solution:



Calbio® is a family of Soluble Powders (SP) formulations based on a synergistic proprietary combination of natural extracts with biostimulant effect under osmotic stress (salt and drought alleviation effect) and other benefits such as prebiotic and germination booster.


One of the fastest-growing segments in agricultural markets are biological products. Agricultural biologicals are a diverse group of products derived from microorganisms, plant extracts, beneficial insects or other organic matter. Biological agriculture works hand-in-hand with nature. It balances your soil to produce healthy, pest- and disease-resistant crops while reducing the use of chemicals. Calbio range are biological products derived from microorganisms and plant extracts contributing not only to the plants biostimulation but promoting added Plant Growth Promotion Bacteria (PGPB) and/or soil beneficial microorganism actions.


Why Calbio

The 100% natural, sustainable bioactive blends for biostimulation and biofertilization backed by science.

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Sustainable and natural

Calbio is a blend of extracts obtained from natural and renewable resources – making your agricultural practices more sustainable.

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Backed by science

Developed closely with IBMCP researchers and our market specialists. It is a result of years of testing and proven outcomes.

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Improves & protects soil

Has the ability to boost yield under abiotic stress conditions, has a high-stress alleviation factor, prevents tipburn, and is a cytokinin booster.

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Cost-effective solutions

We work continuously to optimize the supply chain and production costs thanks to our longstanding experience in the industry.

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Customized solutions

Calbio can be tailored to the requirements of the customer with support from our technical and market experts.

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      Calbio 4B  Bio-stimulant for saline and drought stress with prebiotic effect
 Very high-concentration soluble powder
 100% natural extracts combined synergistically for maximum effect
      Calbio 3P  Bio-stimulant for osmotic stress with prebiotic effect
 High-concentration soluble powder
 100% natural extracts
      Calbio 3G  Germination booster
 High-concentration soluble powder
      Calbio 4BF  Bio-stimulant for improving flower setting in avocado crops
 100% natural extracts
      Calbio KH60  Bio-stimulant based on potassium humate for osmotic stress
 Maltose and starch accumulation booster
      Calbio X  Customized Products and private label bio-stimulant soluble powder   formulations based on Calbio technology


Calbio 4B, 3P and X series can be used as prebiotic or PGPR booster for biofertilizers enhancement and/or bio-stimulant against osmotic stress by excess of salinity and/or drought.