Caltherm 380

Caltherm 380 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid composed of partially hydrogenated terphenyls and biphenyl/diphenyl oxide, providing it with a non-corrosive and thermally stable nature that ensures a reliable service life. Suitable for use in liquid phase systems up to 305°C and pressurized systems up to 360°C, Caltherm 380 requires nitrogen inerting of the circuit at high temperatures to maintain system integrity and reduce operational costs. The recommended operating temperature range is 0°C to 360°C.


• Designed for use in industrial closed heating and cooling circuits operating at high temperatures.

• Applicable in chemical processing industries where maintaining a consistent temperature is necessary.


• Effective thermal transfer for heating and cooling applications.

• Consistent thermal stability for prolonged use at high temperatures.

• Good resistance to oxidation, which helps extend the fluid’s usable life.

• Infrequent clogging, aiding in low maintenance requirements.

• Reliable pumpability for consistent operational performance.


Caltherm 380.

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