Why should you choose Calbio?

Anthropogenic global warming is affecting crop yield and thus, compromising food security. Drought and the salinization of the irrigation water or soil have become common in most arable land. Many crops have been displaced or their yield has plummeted, causing food shortages and inflation. With global population growth and declining natural resources, finding novel tools that help farmers maintain yield in a scenario where extreme temperature events, soil desertification, and long periods of drought are more common and frequent. Calbio biostimulants have been developed as tools to overcome these challenges.

Calbio is the perfect natural-based and sustainable solution to enhance crop yield and soil health.

Sustainable and Natural Solutions

Biostimulants are substances or microorganisms of natural origin that stimulate plant processes related to nutrient absorption, nutrient efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, or the quality of the agricultural products obtained. Calbio biostimulants are a sustainable blend of natural extracts. The bioactives used in its formulations are obtained from natural and renewable resources helping you to contribute to sustainable agricultural practices by reducing the use of chemicals and water while increasing the nutrition efficiency and promoting soil-life with zero residues.


Calbio is a result of a collaborative endeavor from Caldic Ibérica and Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Institute (Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Plantas, IBMCP) (UPV-CSIC), Spain. Our teams conceptualized the innovative solution and are working with researchers to develop the range to ensure it meets and anticipates the needs of the agricultural market. Our R&D team has been testing this range of biostimulant and biofertilizer solutions and have obtained successful results in vitro, greenhouse and field trials. Using the most advanced metabolomics, transcriptomics, and genomics techniques combined with agronomic protocols in greenhouse and open field conditions, we demonstrate Calbio's efficiency and understand its mechanisms. Calbio can support plant growth under abiotic stress conditions despite the scarcity of water and excess of salt.

Customized solutions

With the help of our experienced R&D team, Calbio can be tailored to the requirements of the customer. It is available with the addition of selected microorganisms such as Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPB) and/or Mycorrhizas.

Cost-effective solutions

After more than 15 years of supplying selected extracts and natural ingredients at a global level for the industrial bio-stimulant market, we are well-quipped with an extensive sourcing network. We work continuously working to optimize the supply chain and production costs. Additionally, our solutions have a high concentration, long shelf life and very effective at low dosages that help to reduce costs and stay ahead of the competitive market.

                                                                              Improves the health of soil and plants

Our specialized R&D team have meticulously tested the applications of Calbio.

Boosts yield under abiotic stress conditions

Tests done with Calbio combined with a PGPB under salt stress treatment shows a yield increase of 42.4% and 49.2% versus the control environment under saline stress conditions for lettuce and tomato in a greenhouse and 37.1% obtained by Calbio versus the control environment with drought stress for broccoli in field trials.

High stress-alleviation

Whether it is severe saline conditions in the soil or abiotic stress, with Calbio, the plants can grow and maintain a healthy lifecycle. In our trials, we measured the Stress Alleviation Factor (SAF) to evaluate the effect of the different treatments on growth and biomass accumulation under salt stress in cultivation conditions. The SAF produced the best results when Calbio was combined with a PGPB treatment.

Tipburn prevention

Tipburn is characterized by small necrotic areas on the margins of leaves and is a standard symptom of damage induced by salt or other abiotic stresses. Under salt stress, the control plants presented the greatest leaf damage compared to treated plants. All treatments prevented tipburn under salt stress. 

Cytokinin Booster

Our trials also reveal that using Calbio boosts cytokinin – plant hormones, and supports the cellular processes of cell division, growth, and development.

Increase in yield after using Calbio

(tests done on broccoli)

                                                 Calbio Yield Increase Infographic