Calsand sugar sanding

Sweet Innovations: Introducing Caldic's Calsand for Confectionery Solutions

Who are we?

Caldic stands at the forefront of innovation in the confectionery ingredients market, with a specialized focus on sugar sanding solutions through Calsand. Developed and manufactured by our in-house team, Calsand benefits from Caldic's extensive expertise and a dedicated approach to quality and innovation in confectionery applications.

Key Differentiators of Caldic's Calsand

Caldic's approach to the Calsand product range is underpinned by several core strengths that set our offerings apart in a competitive market:

Tailored Solutions

Caldic offers customized sugar sanding solutions tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements, enhancing product value and performance.

Technical Expertise

Our advanced production knowledge ensures quality, consistency, and longevity in our sugar sanding solutions, preventing separation and maintaining optimal performance.

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Innovative development

We continuously evolve our Calsand portfolio to stay ahead of market trends, driven by a knowledgeable development team focused on innovation.

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Comprehensive product range

Our diverse array of Calsand products caters to various confectionery needs, emphasizing versatility and customer satisfaction.

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Strategic parternership

Leveraging strong supplier relationships and experienced leadership, Caldic ensures access to premium ingredients and brings invaluable insights to the confectionery sector.

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Market leadership

As the largest sugar sanding producer in the Nordics, our strategic location and commitment to collaboration position us as industry leaders, dedicated to driving forward with innovative and effective solutions.

Caldic's Calsand Product Portfolio Overview



At Caldic, our Calsand range is at the forefront of the confectionery ingredients industry, offering an extensive assortment of sugar sanding solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our portfolio is designed to provide manufacturers with the flexibility and innovation necessary to create products that stand out in the competitive confectionery market.


Pure facts:

• For testing purposes we can blend from 1 to 200 kg

• Product can be packed in Big Bag (BB) or plastic bags from 5-25 kg

• Delivery time 5-6 weeks


Below is an overview of our comprehensive Calsand solutions:


Acidity Options

  • Different Acids: We offer a selection of acids to suit various product formulations, allowing for the precise adjustment of taste profiles ranging from subtly tart to intensely sour.
  • Acid-to-Sugar Ratios: Our products are available in different acid-to-sugar ratios, providing flexibility in taste and intensity to meet specific product development needs.


CalSand Acid Ratios

Coating Specifications

  • Non-Coated Acids: For those seeking pure, unadulterated sourness or tartness in their confectionery, we offer non-coated acids.
  • Coated Acids: To cater to a broader range of product stability and taste release profiles, our coated acids are an excellent choice. We also provide palm-free options, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and catering to consumer preferences for environmentally friendly products.

Particle Size Variants

  • Different Particle Sizes: Understanding the importance of texture and mouthfeel, our CalSand products are available in a variety of particle sizes. This variation enables manufacturers to achieve the desired product texture and appearance.


Specialized Formulations

  • Sugar-Free: In response to the growing demand for healthier confectionery options, our sugar-free sanding solutions offer the same great taste and texture without the added sugar.
  • Flavored Sugar Sanding: Elevate your confectionery with our flavored sugar sanding options, designed to add an extra layer of taste and distinction to your products.
  • Colored Sugar Sanding: Our colored sugar sanding solutions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of confectionery items but also offer an additional dimension of product differentiation.

Discover Confectionery Innovation: Sugar Sanding

Unlock the full potential of your confectionery products with the innovative technique of sugar sanding. This method not only enhances the visual appeal of sweets with its sparkling crystalline finish but also significantly improves their taste and texture. Explore how sugar sanding is used to create diverse flavor profiles, from intensifying sourness and saltiness to adding unique flavor contrasts. Learn how this versatile technique is applied across various confectionery formats and its promising extensions into the bakery sector. Dive into the world of sugar sanding with Caldic Calsand and discover how we are pushing the boundaries of confectionery innovation to cater to evolving consumer palates and preferences.

Elevate Your Confectionery Manufacturing with Sugar Sanding Techniques

Looking to perfect your confectionery manufacturing process? Our expert guide on sugar sanding is tailored for industry professionals who aim to enhance their product quality. This resource offers concise, actionable insights into achieving the optimal balance of sugar and glucose, essential for creating superior confectionery items. You'll learn the crucial techniques for applying sugar sanding effectively, from precise application methods to optimal drying practices, ensuring your products meet high standards for texture and taste. Elevate your confectionery production with our advanced techniques and set a new standard in your market.

Enhance your product offerings with the innovative touch of Calsand sugar sanding solutions.