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Surface Treated Pigments for your Color Cosmetics

Red surface treated pigments used in color cosmetics

The European cosmetics and personal care market has shown a significant growth over the past years. At the same pace we’ve established ourselves as an important player and a reliable partner; not just as a supplier of raw materials but also because of the technical formulation advice and regulatory support we offer. As an example, in Italy we’ve adopted a niche-focused strategy within this market, with an emphasis in particular on surface treated pigments.

Developing long-lasting makeup with treated pigments

One of our customers expressed interest in a special line of treated pigments after we presented this advanced technology to its pressed powders laboratory team. When these pigments are treated with fluor alcohol, they are improved in two important ways:  they become highly hydrophobic (water-repellent) and lipophobic (fat-repellent). The customer succeeded in formulating a viable competitive product: a long-lasting makeup with desirable characteristics such as resistance to high temperatures, and kiss resistant so they don’t smudge on contact.

Inorganic Surface Treated Pigments

Colors in makeup can be divided into organic and inorganic colors. Lakes for lip application purposes  – that is oil-dispersible pigments – are made using organic colors, while most other makeup products use inorganic colors. The basic color market is dominated by well-known multinationals, offering materials that are used in ordinary formulations. Apart from the basic colors, there are upgraded colors – so-called “treated pigments”. These are made by combining organic and inorganic basic colors that are treated on their surfaces. 

Products used for this treatment can be made using different kinds of materials including silicon, metal soap, and amino acids. Treating these pigments adds value both to the pigments themselves and to the final formulations of products such as eyeshadow, foundations, mascara or other makeup products.  The advantages of treated pigments are – among other benefits – improved stability, wearability and feel.

European Cosmetics and Personal Care Market

The European cosmetics and personal care market, with retails sales of €77 billion in 2016, is the largest in the world. There are over a 20,000 companies involved on the wholesale side of the cosmetics industry in Europe, with the majority located in Italy (18%), Spain (14%), and France (11%). Global trends such as digitization, individualization and resource consciousness have been important factors in the success of the European cosmetics industry and the prospects for continued growth in the future.

Feel free to contact our personal care specialist for more information about the surface treated pigments solutions we can offer.