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Introducing AdalbaPro: world's first food ingredient line made from insects

AdalbaPro Insect Protein

At Caldic, we’ve taken note of the enormous potential in the Food Ingredients market. Market developments such as protein availability, environmental issues, sustainability and the rising cost of raw materials play a big role in today’s food trends. At the same time, consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the human impact on the planet.  

As a full-service solution provider, we see it as our mission to constantly seek new and better ways to support our customers in keeping up. Our partnerships are crucial in successfully doing so. Recently we initiated a collaboration with Protifarm, creator of the world’s first food ingredient line made from insects, named AdalbaPro.
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AdalbaPro: first food ingredient line made from insects

This unique, sustainable, and minimally processed ingredient line offers solutions for meat replacement and protein fortifications to add value and effectiveness to all kinds of formulations such as baking products, sports nutrition, pasta, meat and meat altenatives. As high quality animal protein, AdalbaPro ingredients contains all essential amino acids as well as essential vitamins and minerals. AdalbaPro is currently available in a textured form and as powders.

The Caldic Ingredients R&D specialists worked extensively with these nutritious and functional proteins in order to better understand their behavior. Based on the results of these test, we have developed a wide range of clean label nutritious and delicious concepts - made with our Pectacon Stabilizer systems - in order to give our customers a head start. 

About Protifarm

Protifarm is a Dutch agri-tech leader that was founded is 2015 and has created the world’s first and largest vertical farm for breeding the Alphitobius diaperinus, better known as the buffalo beetle. Through combining 40-years of insect breeding experience with high-tech processing methods, Protifarm produces effective and nutritious ingredients for the food and beverage industry.  Together with an international team of passionate people and partners, including the Wageningen University, Protifarm is creating ingredients that contribute to a more sustainable world.

Burger, cookies and shake made with AdalbaPro