Meet our challenge solver - Sanne van den Bos

It was a great sense of achievement when we realized we’d perfected what the customer was looking for.

Looking for shorter lead times and local stock-keeping, a relatively new tea bar business based in the Netherlands asked us to match several of their tea creamers. Creating a perfect match, however, was not particularly easy, because not all ingredients were readily available, and in some cases even unknown. Together with our client we took up the challenge to find the right formulations through an enjoyable and collaborative process.


By working closely with our client, colleagues, and principals, we were able to co-develop a solution that met the customer’s needs. At Caldic we take value-added services very seriously. Not only did we manage to find a perfect match for their tea creamers, but we also managed to solve some regulatory and packaging challenges along the way, which simplified our customer's business processes a great deal.

Sanne van den Bos
Sanne van den Bos
Application Engineer Caldic Ingredients Benelux “When I walk past a tea bar and see people queuing outside to get a bubble tea, I feel really proud that they might be buying the product that I developed. And with franchises popping up like mushrooms on all sides, we expect the volumes of these solutions to increase. It’s a great feeling, knowing that we were able to take care of our partner’s products and business.”