Meet our challenge solver - Desiree Matheson

When everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself.

Grabbing the consumer’s attention in the retail space is challenging, especially where shelves are carrying an increasing number of SKUs. The question how to make a product stand out through a bigger visual impact at retail level triggered us to develop a new packaging for our customer’s product range.


While we put our customer’s challenge center stage, the operations and customer development team worked closely together to explore packaging innovation avenues taking logistic efficiency and visual shelf appeal as criteria. And although initially our production capabilities were not set up for the package of choice, the business case and customer support enabled us to deliver the packaging solution that creates new opportunities for the success of our customer’s business.

Desiree Matheson
Customer Development Manager “Co-developing solutions with customers creates real lasting value; a clear win win for both parties involved. It is exciting to work collaboratively with a wider team to address customer challenges as it creates an inspiring atmosphere in which ideas and solutions come to life.”