Hair care

Solutions to keep you ahead of your competitors  

Spot on formulations to address haircare trends

With haircare trends turning around every year, haircare ingredients continue to be innovated in the beauty space. Our broad portfolio of products enables us to help you formulate in response to any trend coming up. So whether you’re looking to premiumize your prestige product line, make your brand a more sustainable choice or to develop a proposition to achieve visible hair and scalp revitalization, our range of bioactives, organic oils, botanical extracts and more provide valuable ingredients to renew and improve recipes.

While these trends provide you with a richer palette of storylines to connect with your consumers, our experienced technologists work with you to explore, inspire and find the success formula that firmly positions your brand in the right trend space.

Hair Care Solutions

  • Active Ingredients
  • Botanical Extracts
  • Butters
  • Conditioners
  • Emollients
  • Emulsifiers
  • Organic Oils
  • Polymers
  • Preservatives
  • Silicones
  • Solvents
  • Surfactants
  • Vegetable Oils